Pet Beds FAQ

Pet Beds FAQ

Q: Are your dog beds washable?

Yes! However, please note that only the cover for the entire line of memory foam dog beds is washable -memory foam itself can't be washed! For complete care instructions please visit our buying guide.


Q: How do I determine which size dog bed is right?

Great question -you can either visit our buying guide or, when viewing a bed that you're interested in, click on the 'size guide' tab.


Q: My dog is a bit older and has arthritis. What bed would you recommend?

Our entire line of memory foam dog beds will help provide support, relieve painful pressure points, and improves circulation. For older dogs or dogs that suffer muscle pain, poor circulation, hip dysplasia, or arthritis these orthopedic beds will make your dog more comfortable.


Q: Are your dog beds eco-friendly?

We understand the importance of doing our part to help the environment.  In addition to employing a paper free online order and payment system and never printing catalogues, our memory foam dog bed and bumper dog beds are made with eco-friendly, recycled components.  You'll never believe just how soft and comfortable recycled soda bottles can be!


Q: Can I use your bedding for my cat?

Absolutely.  Although specifically designed for dogs all of our products make for great cat beds.  But don't just take our word for it -order your feline bedding in complete confidence with our 100% return guarantee.



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